Science Policy Webinars

Our 2017 webinar series, entitled “Back to Basics: Advocating for Yourself and Your Science”, will bring you tips, tools, and updates on all things science policy. Check out the line up below.

Back to Basics: Advocating for Yourself and Your Science

  • New President, New Congress, New Opportunities (31 Jan 2017)
  • Budget and Appropriations Update (early Spring)
  • How to Communicate Your Science (Spring)
  • Updates on Science Policy Issues (Spring)
  • District visits (early Summer)
  • Alternative Ways to Engage Legislators (Summer)
  • Legislative Updates and the Role of Committees (Fall)
  • 2017 Fall Meeting Science Policy Events: Sneak Peek (late Fall)

Slides and video will be posted following the webinar. To learn more about our webinars and get reminders for up-coming webinars, sign up for Science Policy Alerts.