AGU Congressional Science Fellows

The Fellowship

The demands on Congress to establish sound public policy on scientific issues have never been greater, the effects of which are far-reaching. In response to these congressional needs, AGU is pleased to have sponsored a Congressional Science Fellowship for forty years. The Fellowship program enables more effective use of scientific knowledge in government and provides a unique experience to scientists seeking careers involving public use of technical information. The Congressional Science Fellowship program places highly qualified, accomplished scientists, engineers, and other professionals in the offices of either an individual member of Congress or on a committee for a one-year assignment. The AGU Congressional Fellow will have the opportunity to make significant contributions to public policy during their time working with Congress. Past Fellows have been directly involved in water policy, climate research, energy conservation, and a range of other issues that are of high priority to society. Terms, Selection Criteria and Application – application closes 15 January* for the 2019-2020 fellowship year.



Current [2018-2019] Fellow:

The AGU Congressional Science Fellow for the 2018-2019 fellowship term is Kathryn Harris. Her term marks the 41st year that AGU has sponsored a Congressional Science Fellow.

Kathryn Harris, 2018-2019 Congressional Science Fellow


Meet the Past Fellows

*Please note the new application deadline, which has changed from previous years.