House Earth and Space Science Caucus

Co-Chairs for the 115th Congress

Congressman Jared Polis (CO-02) and Congressman Ryan Costello (PA-06)

Background: An advanced understanding of Earth and space sciences underlie many of the decisions facing policymakers. Despite the existence of research and issues in every district and state, the Earth and space sciences are often overlooked in policy discussions. The aim of the Earth and Space Science Caucus is to increase congressional understanding of the sciences’ impact on policy and facilitate engagement with the scientists.

Statement of Purpose: To promote and broaden awareness of the societal, economic, and scientific advancements made possible by the Earth and space sciences; to illustrate the breadth of policy issues and public and private interests impacted by the Earth and space sciences; to serve as an ongoing information resource for Members of Congress and their staff; to exchange ideas and information with Earth and space scientists, federal science agencies, universities and research institutions, professional and institutional Earth and space science societies and organizations, and the Administration.

Policy Objectives:

  • Support federal investment in basic and applied science
  • Support strong and sustained funding for the Earth and space sciences in appropriations and authorization bills
  • Support more ways to move federal research opportunities in to commercialization or applications that serve societal needs
  • Support the inclusion of Earth and space sciences in STEM education curriculum for primary and secondary students

Downloadable Caucus One-Pager

Caucus Members:

  • Beyer, Donald (VA-08)
  • Capuano, Michael (MA-07)
  • Chu, Judy (CA-27)
  • Comstock, Barbara (VA -10)
  • González Colón, Jennifer (Puerto Rico – At Large)
  • Grijalva, Raul (AZ-03)
  • Kilmer, Derek (WA-06)
  • Lipinski, Daniel (IL -03)
  • Lofgren, Zoe (CA-19)
  • Napolitano, Grace (CA-32)
  • McNerney, Jerry (CA-09)
  • Perlmutter, Ed (CO – 07)
  • Pocan, Mark (WI-02)
  • Speier, Jackie (CA-14)
  • Tipton, Scott (CO-03)
  • Veasey, Marc (TX-33)
  • Watson Coleman, Bonnie (NJ-12)

Recent Events

If your office is interested in joining the caucus, please contact:

John Cooper with Congressman Polis at or

Andrew Furman with Congressman Costello at

For more information about the caucus, please contact Brittany Webster at

Supported by the Earth & Space Science Caucus Alliance.