Congressional Briefing on Geosciences & the Economy

Event Details

Geoscience information is integral to the strength and growth of communities, and provides the resources
for economic growth. The briefing will highlight the importance of geoscience for developing and maintaining necessary infrastructure in the United States.

At this widely attended briefing, learn about the critical applications of geoscience information in the development and maintenance of urban and rural infrastructure, and tie them to the socioeconomic impacts of development.

Expert speakers will address the following questions:

  1. What industrial materials/minerals are used to construct buildings/infrastructure, and what are the major sources of those materials/minerals used in the U.S.? What is the role of geoscientists in obtaining and using these materials?
  2. How is geoscience used to determine the underpinning site characterization to identify whether the site is suitable for infrastructure development?
  3. Coastal development and resilience to extreme events are important to a large segment of the country. How is geoscience used to help guide urban design and construction to enhance the quality of life and economic strength of coastal areas?

Hosted by:

Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47)

Moderated by:

Carol Frost, National Science Foundation

Emily Coyner, National Stone, Sand, and Gravel Association

Brian K. Banks, Schnabel Engineering, Inc.

Austin Becker, University of Rhode Island


Cannon House Office Building Room 122