District Congressional Visits Webinar and Upcoming Geoscience Congressional Visits Day

8 July 2013
AGU Science Policy Alert 13-34

Whether you recently attended the AGU Science Policy Conference Communications Workshop, are a past participant in an AGU Congressional Visits Day, or are simply interested in communicating your science, AGU would like to encourage you to meet with your Representative and Senators during the upcoming congressional recess. To prepare for your meetings, participate in AGU’s District Congressional Visits Webinar on Thursday 25 July at 3:30 P.M. EDT. The webinar will provide the training and resources you need to have a successful district visit.

All U.S. Senators and Representatives return to their home districts to work during the congressional recess in August. This is a great time to establish new relationships, or build upon existing ones, and to discuss the important Earth and space science research that’s happening in your district and state. These local encounters can have a lasting effect on your elected officials. You may even want to invite them to your school, laboratory, or field site for a tour.

To participate in the AGU District Congressional Visits Webinar, please RSVP by 24 July tosciencepolicy@agu.org.

For another excellent opportunity to communicate your science, consider attending this year’s Geoscience Congressional Visits Day (Geo-CVD), which is scheduled for 17-18 September 2013 in Washington, D.C. AGU will schedule meetings for Geo-CVD attendees with members of Congress and their staff to discuss your research and illustrate the importance of supporting federally funded research through agencies such as DOE, EPA, NASA, NOAA, NSF, and USGS. You can learn more about Geo-CVD and sign-up here.

Learn more about the webinar and other upcoming events.