June 2019

5 June 2019
AGU Science Policy Alert 19-6

Science Gets Boost in House Spending Bills

In May the House Appropriations Committee swiftly considered and passed all of the science-related spending bills. The following federal science agencies received an increase in funding from current funding levels.

  • Department of Energy
    • ARPA-E: $425 million, up 16.1%
    • Office of Science: $6.87 billion, up 4.6%
  • EPA: $9.52 billion, up 18.1%
  • Forest Service: $7.64 billion, up 25.5%
    • Forest & Rangeland Research – R&D: $203.98 million; up 5.2%
  • NASA $22.3 billion, up 2.8%
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: $893 million, up 4.7%
  • NOAA $5.48 billion, up 1.0%
  • NSF: $8.64 billion, up 7.0%
  • USGS: $1.24 billion, up 6.6%

The House will begin voting on appropriations bills the week of 10 June 2019 and plans to finish consideration of all bills by the end of the month. The Senate Appropriations Committee has not considered any bills because Senate leadership is waiting for Congress and the Administration to reach a bipartisan budget agreement first.

Check out The Bridge for more information on spending and policy recommendations in the House spending bills.

Engage Your Legislators This August

In August, Congress members will be back in local communities reconnecting with constituents and addressing local issues. Ensure science is on your legislators’ agenda by inviting them to visit your lab or institution. Take this opportunity to show your legislators the value of the science being done in their districts – check out AGU’s new toolkit for step-by-step instructions.

Join us for Geosciences Congressional Visits Day this September

Apply for Geosciences Congressional Visits Day (Geo-CVD). Geo-CVD brings together Earth and space scientists from several scientific societies for a day of congressional meetings – and a preparatory half-day training workshop the day before.  If you’ve never met with your legislators before, Geo-CVD is a great introduction! It is also a chance to learn more about science policy and an opportunity to meet with other engaged scientists. Students, community college professors and students, and underrepresented members encouraged to apply; financial support is available. Apply today!

EPA Seeking Science Advisory Board Nominations

The EPA is accepting nominations of scientific experts for four committees of its Science Advisory Board (SAB).  Committees accepting nominations are the Agricultural Science Committee, the Chemical Assessment Advisory Committee; the Drinking Water Committee; and the Radiation Advisory Committee. The selection criteria for board members include demonstrated scientific credentials and disciplinary expertise. Visit the federal register to learn more or submit a nomination. Nominations must be received by 24 July 2019.

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