Science Funding Decisions Punted to December

17 October 2018
AGU Science Policy Alert 18-10

Science Funding Largely Paralyzed

Congress was unable to come to an agreement for seven of the 12 “must pass” spending (or appropriations) bills before fiscal year 2019 began on 1 October 2018. These seven bills are now under a continuing resolution or (CR). Under a CR, agencies continue to operate at the previous fiscal year’s funding level. NASA, NOAA, NSF, USGS, and EPA are now operating under a CR until 7 December. CR’s can be particularly harmful for science agencies, which need more lead time to plan and conduct scientific research.

Take a few minutes to urge your legislators to complete the fiscal year 2019 spending process this year.

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Webinar: Lobbying for Federally Funded Scientists – The Real Dos and Don’ts

Scientists in the U.S. are increasingly active in engagement with policymakers and political candidates. Despite the perception that such activity is not allowed, particularly if federally funded, scientists can both lobby and be politically active–as long as they stay within legal guidelines. Learn about what is permissible and what’s not during this enlightening webinar. Attorneys from the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund will discuss what falls under lobbying and how federally funded scientists can be politically active without violating anti-lobbying laws. The webinar will be held on Thursday, 1 November at 2:00 p.m. ET. Register now!

Webinar: Science Policy Influencers to Know

Join us for this informative webinar on Thursday, 25 October at 2:00 p.m. ET. We’ll provide detailed information about Senator Shelby (R-AL), who chairs the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, which controls funding for the entire federal government; Senator Moran (R-KS), who chairs the Senate Commerce, Justice, and Science subcommittee, which makes funding decisions for NASA, NOAA, and NSF; and Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, who has been nominated to lead the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). We’ll discuss their backgrounds, policy positions, and how we expect they’ll shape the 2019 policy landscape. Register today.

Science Dominates Twitter this Week

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