Share Your Story

31 August 2015
AGU Science Policy Alert 15-14

Have you or scientists you know been impacted by government restrictions on attendance at scientific and technical meetings?

Share your story.

AGU and other societies are collecting stories to share with policy makers as we continue our three-year long effort to ensure that government scientists are able to fully collaborate and share their science with colleagues.

With your help, we have made some progress. Recently, some members of Congress have proposed legislative language that would create the opportunity to improve regulations.

Thank you for what you have done so far. Almost 400 AGU members signed onto our letter last year asking Congress to lessen restrictions, in addition to everyone who individually contacted their Senators and Representatives. Your actions are making an impact.

Help us keep the momentum going by sharing a compelling example about the value of scientists attending scientific meetings together. Stories such as important tech transfer, unexpected collaborations forming, or critical interactions that propelled a young scientific career are valuable, but we welcome any type of story related to the value of conferences for scientists. We use these stories to ask Congress to continue to lessen restrictions.

Share your story.

We will continue to work on this critical issue until all AGU members are able to fully collaborate and share their science with their colleagues.