Talk Budget to Me

25 May 2017
AGU Science Policy Alert 17-11

Drastic Cuts to Science in President’s Detailed Budget

On 23 May 2017, the President released his more detailed fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget as a follow-up to his budget blueprint. The President’s budget, which reflects the Administration’s priorities, expands on many of the proposed cuts outlined in his previously released “skinny budget,” including massive cuts to federal science agencies. Here’s the rundown of the President’s proposal.

  • NOAA: $4,775.30 million (15.9% decrease from FY2017)
  • NSF: $6,652.89 million (11.0% decrease from FY2017)
  • NASA: $19,052.90 million (3.0% decrease from FY2017)
  • USGS: $1,085.12 million (15% decrease from FY2017)
  • DOE Office of Science: $4,472.52 million (8.9% decrease from FY2017)
  • DOE ARPA-E: $20.00 million (93.5% decrease from FY2017)
  • EPA Science & Technology: $397.00 million (44.4% decrease from FY2017)

It’s Not Too Late! Act Now!

Congress has the final say on the budget. They need to hear from you NOW about the value of science to your local community. Stand with us and take a few minutes to tell your legislator why we need robust science funding to keep the nation’s scientific enterprise strong. To read AGU’s analysis of the President’s budget, check out our Federal Spending webpage. You can also read AGU’s response to the President’s budget.

Help AGU Explain the Value of Earth & Space Science to Policymakers

An important part of what AGU does is to show lawmakers the importance of Earth and space science to the districts and people they represent. If you receive federal funding, work with federal partners, or benefit from our federal science agencies, take a few minutes to share with us your examples, experiences, fact sheets, and broader impact statements. Tell us how federal funding has enhanced your career, your research, or opportunities for your students. Send us an email at

Department of Interior Review of National Monuments

The public comment period for the Department of Interior’s review of National Monuments is currently open. The public can comment on the Bears Ears National Monument until 26 May 2017; for all other monuments the comment period ends 10 July 2017.