Tell Your Legislators to Support Science Funding Today!

19 April 2016
AGU Science Policy Alert 16-6

As the process for setting federal spending levels for FY2017 moves forward, now is a critical time for legislators to show their support for robust science funding. Take action today!

Last week, the Senate Appropriations committee approved the topline numbers that will be allocated for each of the 12 FY2017 spending bills, also called appropriations bills. This week, the House Appropriations committee is expected to do the same. Now, the Appropriations subcommittees that govern each of these bills must decide how to divide those topline amounts among different programs, including federal science agencies. Because both the House and Senate appropriations subcommittees are currently debating these bills, this is an important time to share your priorities with them and request that they advocate for strong federal science funding.

As a constituent, you can make a huge difference today in just a couple of minutes.

AGU’s Policy Action Center can help you craft a letter to your legislator outlining the value of the geosciences and asking for their support as they make important funding decisions.

Use your voice and let your Members of Congress know the importance of supporting strong science funding. Take action today!