The Bridge: Connecting Science and Policy joins the AGU Blogosphere

6 November 2013
AGU Science Policy Alert 13-46

A new blog, The Bridge: Connecting Science and Policy, recently joined the AGU Blogosphere to provide a forum for discussing the intersection of science and policy with scientists, policy makers, and the public. The Bridge debuted as part of AGU’s 2013 Science Policy Conference website and was so successful that it was given a permanent home in the Blogosphere. The blog’s banner depicts the U.S. Capitol building and the cosmos, representing policy and science. A sketch of a bridge by Leonardo da Vinci connects the two disciplines, symbolizing the connection that this blog hopes to create.

The Bridge explores how policies impact science and how science can and should be incorporated into policy making. Steady funding and robust science programs help scientists to produce data that in turn enables policy makers to make informed decisions. The Bridge will explore ways to encourage this symbiotic relationship.

We invite you to explore The Bridge and comment on posts–including our most recent post on AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange. If you are interested in writing a science policy themed post, or if you have a great idea for a post topic, email us at