Trump's First Budget

16 March 2017
AGU Science Policy Alert 17-6

Skinny Budget Rundown

Today, the White House released its FY2018 budget, A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again, which proposes the following cuts:

  • 31% cut to EPA’s budget including a 20% reduction of EPA staff
  • Up to a 15 cut to USGS’s budget
  • 5.2% reduction to DOE’s budget including the elimination of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E)
  • 0.8% cut to NASA’s overall budget; NASA Earth Science would be cut by 6.3%; NASA Planetary Science would see 16.5% increase in funding
  • Up to a 9.8% cut to the NSF (although NSF is not specifically named in the budget, a 9.8% cut to other agencies is noted in the budget)
  • Cuts to NOAA programs including coastal and marine management, Sea Grant, and the Polar Follow On program

These cuts, if enacted, would devastate our ability to safeguard the nation, protect public health, and ensure the financial livelihood of communities around the nation. Check out AGU’s From The Prow blog post to learn more about the President’s skinny budget and to read AGU’s response.

Making Sense of the Budget

Still confused about what the President’s budget could mean for science? Watch our latest webinar on how the federal spending process works and what it means for science. 

Take Action: Speak Up for Science Funding

The President’s budget proposes to increase defense spending by $54 billion, and decreasing funding for non-defense discretionary (NDD) spending by $54 billion. NDD spending includes funding for science agencies, including EPA, DOE Office of Science, NSF, NASA, NOAA, and USGS. Help amplify our voice by tweeting at your legislators about the importance of keeping parity between NDD and defense funding.

AGU Congressional Visit Day (CVD)

If you’re an AGU member from Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, or Mississippi consider applying for AGU’s 2017 CVD. If you’re not a resident of one of this year’s target states, here are 10 ways you can take action today!

Legislative Update

Read our latest Bridge piece on recent science legislation regarding NASA, EPA, and scientific integrity.