Upcoming Opportunities

2 February 2016
AGU Science Policy Alert 16-2

As an AGU member, you have many opportunities to share the wonder and value of Earth and space science with your legislators in 2016.

Opportunities open now:

  • AGU Congressional Visits Day: AGU will host its second member-only Congressional Visits Day (AGU CVD) to provide an opportunity for AGU members interested in science policy to share their research with their legislators in Washington, D.C. This year, we are looking for member teams to represent the following key states: California, Colorado, Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Application deadline: 22 February.
  • AGU Congressional Science Fellowship: This program places scientists in the offices of either an individual Member of Congress or on a congressional committee for a one-year assignment. Though the program is aimed at geoscientists with a doctorate degree, there are no absolute restrictions on age, educational or career level, or specific scientific background. Application deadline: 1 February.

Other upcoming opportunities:

  • AGU District Visits Days: You can also share with your legislators the value of your science during a congressional recess in your district. AGU will host a webinar on 7 July to help our members prepare for local district visits.
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  • AGU Action Center: A fast and simple way to contact your legislators about science policy issues that you care about.