Webinar Series 2013: Legal Education for Scientists

22 February 2013
AGU Science Policy Alert 13-9

In recent years, an increasing number of scientists have found themselves involved in legal discussions about their work, their correspondence, and their public statements.  If this includes you or someone you know, you may be interested in attending our series of legal education webinars. Put together by AGU and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, these webinars are meant to give scientists a primer on legal issues they face as well as update them on legal situations currently making their way through the courts.

The webinar series will begin by featuring some of the lawyers on the front lines of climate litigation and will be followed by a series of legal education events at AGU’s 2013 Fall Meeting.

Friday, 15 March from 12:00-1:00 ET
Climate Change Litigation: What is Happening and What May Be Coming
Michael Gerrard, Director of the Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University
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Friday, 19 April from 12:00-1:00pm ET
Science and the Administrative Rulemaking Process
Stephanie Tai, Associate Professor of Law, University of Wisconsin Law School
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