Science Policy Toolkits

Interested in communicating with your policymaker? Feel like you need a little help getting information about science policy issues, crafting your message or finding the right platform for your message? No problem!

AGU offers toolkits to help you with all things policy. We hope the toolkits will help you feel empowered to engage with policymakers. Whether you have five minutes or a whole day, we have toolkits to help you engage at all levels.

Toolkits we offer:

  1. Hosting your legislator at your institution: Everything you need to know and consider when inviting your legislator to meet or tour you institution or lab.
  2. Getting to know candidates and new members of Congress: Learn how to start building this important relationship now.
  3. How to have an effective district visit: Get the resources you need to schedule and prepare for a successful meeting with the member of Congress in your local community.
  4. Social Media: Learn how to effectively engage with your member of Congress via social media, including the best platforms, sample tweets, and tips to remember.
  5. Calling or writing a letter to your member of Congress: Get resources to write an impactful letter or have an effective call with your legislator’s office.
  6. Meeting your member of Congress: Get the resources you need to schedule and prepare for a successful meeting with your legislator.
  7. How to stay up-to-date on science policy issues: Learn how to stay “in the know” about science policy issues.
  8. Helpful documents: Download some helpful documents to help you engage with your legislators.

Also, be sure to check out our upcoming and past science policy webinars for more tools and tips.