Toolkit: Helpful Documents

These documents will help you prepare to engage with your members of Congress.

Advocacy Calendar

  • Discover the best time to contact your policymakers on spending and other science policy issues

AGU Letters

  • AGU letters to policymakers on important science policy issues

AGU Position Statements

  • AGU’s stance on science policy issues

Budget & Appropriations 101

  • A refresher on the Congressional budget and appropriations process

House Earth & Space Science Caucus One-Pager

  • Document outlining the goal and policy priorities of the House Earth & Space Science Caucus, which AGU chairs

How a Bill Becomes a Law

  • A brief rundown of that high school civics lesson you may not entirely remember

Resource Center Fact Sheets

  • One-pagers that showcase the value of science in relation to pressing public policy issues

Science is Essential Infographics

  • Download and share one of our #ScienceisEssential infographics that showcase the value science brings to our everyday lives.